Friday, May 9, 2008


What a week!

As for today, its was little crazy. With Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) almost out of the race it looks like we are heading towards the home stretch of this roller coaster ride of an election year. Plenty more fireworks to come!!

Okay had a funny day today...

Where to start... So Kristi decided to give me a mohawk. (Don't worry... Pictures are coming soon)

Then I went to Mom's for lunch and we got Petes. Its my favorite. I was drinking my root beer after we ate and someone (I think it was one of Shelene's kids) dropped a VHS tape on the floor and it made me jump and I spilled a huge glass completely full of Soda all over me and the table and the floor.

Mom and Shelene took me outside and hosed me off. Literally.

It took like 3 hours for me to dry off, crazy I know... That's how we roll.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Day Another Dollar...

Got up real early, like 6:15am!

The bus shows up to pick me up for work at 6:45am. So I got on the bus and it took forever. Chris didn't come out of his house for like 25 minutes. He makes me so mad.

Then work was pretty normal, just work.

I waited for 45mins outside for the bus to take me home. Shane said that I could just stay inside and wait in there because its getting so hot.

I called Dason and we talked for like 2 hours tonight. He is so funny! By far my favorite brother.

Can't wait for this weekend. Mothers day is one of my favorite days of the year.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Crazy Day...

Okay so today started out real early. It was like 8am when I woke up, Shane got me dressed then I had some of my favorite again... You guessed it Honey Nut Cherrios. I think they put something in that to make it taste better, like MSG or something. I need to talk to Shelene about it, I'm sure she knows.

Then got ready for work.

Then I went to work, I think someone is taking money from my wallet in my back pack. I'm missing 2 dollars again. Oh well, I make a tone of money so who cares.

I got a couple cuts on the top of my hands from opening boxes. I think it makes me look tougher and the chicks probably dig it.

After work I was tired and just hung out in my room.

I'm thinking about shaving my side burns of and growing my goatee back... Looking at old pictures makes me remember how cool I use to look.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a crazy day!

Okay, so got up and Shane got me dressed. All I was thinking was I can't wait for work today.

Then I got some honey nut cherrios (my favorite breakfast). And went back to my room for a couple hours and watched some tv. The Price is Right was on, I absolutly have to watch it every day. I've been a avid Price is Right watcher for like 10 years. Man I'm getting old.

After the show I was upset because I wasn't thinking straight today, I really didn't have to work today. Then Shane came home for lunch and we warmed up some Pizza. Shane and Kristi kept trying to get me to spend this weekend at Shelene and Jareds (my sisters house). I wasn't havin it.

Then after lunch, I took a nap.

In the afternoon me and Kristi had a "conversation" about me spending the weekend at other peoples houses.

Then Shane came home and we ate some dinner, Grady and Declan were being crazy. Boy I can't wait to got to bed tonight.

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